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IBM Aptiva

Aptiva System support diskettes
IBM 6823-2DG Personal computing support - NetVista personal computer 6823-2DG support
IBM Aptiva of Leon Noorman

IBM Internet

NetVista 2273, 2292, 6043, 6343, 6349, 6350, 6790, 6791, 6792, 6793, 6794, 6795, 6823, 6825 - Current driver levels

IBM Internet Sites

Contact IBM - Employee email directory
IBM Corporation
IBM i Sverige - Finansiering
IBM Informatie in Nederland
IBM Informatie Nederland
IBM network computing
IBM Personal Computing Support
IBM Planetwide search
IBM Software EMEA
Leasing & Financing Welcome to IBM Customer Leasing and Financing
uServ - Home

IBM Intranet Sites

[e-business] Advisor- Customer Relationship Management
alphaWorks - Home of the latest technologies from IBM Research.
BPFJ+ - powered by IntroNet #2
BPFJ+ - powered by IntroNet
CareerPlanner - IT Specialist Overview
e-Asset Management Tool- Asset Management
Global Financing - Corporate Instructions, Standards, & Guidelines
HONE Intranet Home Page
HR Web Netherlands HomePage
IBM Bluepages
IBM Business Transformation
IBM Corporate Intranet
IBM history highlights
IBM Intranet - Feature - Index of How To
IBM intranet home page
IBM Privacy
IBM Publications Center - Download Free Documentation or Order
IBM Publications Center
IBM Software Download Library. Downloads of IBM, Lotus, NetObjects, Taligent, and Tivoli software
IBM Software Sales
-IBM Worldwide Records Management Plan- CONTENTS via IBM BookManager BookServer
Log on to IBM Message Center
Nederland Intranet
New Forums - Home
PBC Education (Dutch)
PBC HomePage
Reserve Login
-RMDS V2R2.0 Bookshelf- via IBM BookManager BookServer
SiteServ - Information - Directions
SiteServ - SiteServ Home Page
WebAhead Internet Technology
Welcome to DEMOcentral
WHATIS - An IBM Acronym Identifier<-HEAD>

IT Specialist

Baker & McKenzie - Global E-Commerce Law -- International Legislation and Regulations
Process Impact -- Goodies to Support Software Development


The OS-2 Shareware Web & BBS, by Norloff Computer Corp.


SAP Help Portal
Welcome to UAWeb
WW SAP Beta Test Site - Homepage

IBM Sites

IBM Corporation
IBM Products & Services
IBM Support & Downloads
LANClient Control Manager



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